Pandit of Bhajans: Kumar Gandharva

Pandit Kumar Gandharva

Pandit Kumar Gandharva

Pandit Kumar Gandharva was an amazing singer of Indian classical and devotional music. I especially like his bhajans, which this collection is full of (including a few very early recordings when the maestro was still but a lad).

For those who are not familiar with this man, his life and musical style then I suggest you check out the passionate and bursting website set up by a fan here.

I am under the weather in Delhi. Grumpy and annoyed that I am unable to fully enjoy my days and evenings here. Gandharvaji’s lilting, somewhat fragile voice gives me some comfort, for which I am very grateful.



Golden Milestones - Pt.Kumar Gandharva

Track Listing:

01 Kahe Ko Jhuti Banao Batiyan

02 Aaj Kaisi Brij Mein

03 Gundh Laori Malania

04 Sagari Rain Ki Jaagi

05 Sir Pe Dhari Gang

06 Have Main Ne Tosi

07 Jaag Piya Re – Bhajan

08 Sanvali Mhari Aaj – Bhajan

09 Aai Rut Aai

10 Na Batati Tu Pahachan

11 Ja Ja Re Bhanvara Ja

12 Hari Hari Ja

13 Main Janu Nahin – Bhajan

14 Mhari Preet Nibhajo – Bhajan

15 Mori Nain Lagan Laagi

16 Lade Bira Mhane Chunari


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