Bangla Beauty: Kona Bhadra



The Bengal Foundation in Dhaka is dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Bangladesh and Bengali people.  It has issued a rich catalogue of cassettes and CDs, hosts live music performances, art shows and other cultural events throughout the year.


Tonight we share a soothing collection of Bengali folk songs sung by one Kona Bhadra.   Alas I speak not Bengali so am unable to add any further information of details of who this singer is or about the music.

Still, the musical discs put out by Bengal Foundation are all of a high standard and this one is no exception.

Joi Bangla!

Dekhechi Rupshagore

Track Listing:

01 Emon Premer Nodite

02 Dekhechi Rupshagore

03 Kon Ba Deshe

04 O Go Shashuri Ma

05 Ami Tomar Premer

06 Ghume Roile

07 Par Koira Daore

08 Amar Kalo Pakhi

09 Kala Ar Na Bajan

10 Kon Deshe Jan Moishal

11 O Dheo Khele

12 Duiti Go Amar

13 Dhormo Ki Jater

14 Bideshi Bodhuar Mone