Voice in Paradise: Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar

Dear readers and friends,

I find myself in Suva the capital of the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. Business has been the reason but the weather has been absolutely stunning. Clear blue skies, sparkling and bobbing bougainvillea of all hues, glimmering seas lapping against green mountains and temperatures that never dare reach above 24C.

While I am heading home to my family tomorrow morning early, I find I do not want to leave, for this is truly a little bit of Paradise.   Alas…

The only singer who can match the beauty of this place at this moment in time is the wondrous Kishori Amonkar.  I’ve raved about her voice (as have many many others) in other places and so will not repeat those things.  And indeed, a voice and vision such as this is not enhanced by flowery words. Rather one needs but silence and letting go to feel the full force of her genius.



Track Listing:

01 Raga Bhoop – Khayal Vilambit Teentaal – Prathama Sur Saadhe

02 Raga Bhoop – Khayal Drut Teentaal – Jabse Tumeesana Laagalee

03 Raga Binna ShadJa – Khayal Vilambit Teentaal – Odd Jaa Re Kaagaa & Drut Teentaal – Anganaa More Aajaa


She is the Music: Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar.

I am in awe

Only recently have I discovered the singing of Kishori Amonkar, by way of a dusty cassette found in a small music shop in a Banarasi gali.  Where have I been all this time?

There are certain voices that have the ability to mesmerise and Kishori Amonkar’s is one. I have the feeling as I listen to this record that the music does not come from her but that she is the music. They are indivisible. One and the same. We float with her. We feel weightless and yet never more connected. As she sings we cry and want to curl up in the sound and never be let go.

Where have you been all my life?

kishori amonkar album

Track Listing:

01. Raga Rajashree