Long Pause

Dear friends, I am taking an extended break from this blog. Main word is ” break”. I will return again in the future. I love South Asian music and love sharing it with you. There is a lot of music I am eager to share. But I need to refresh myself. So I hope you understand and stick with me. Peace.

7 thoughts on “Long Pause

  1. Hi there, yes fully agree, a nice break and refresh will be great for you , look forward to having you back when you all refreshed and going good Thanks for the great music

  2. Have a good break. You may be interested in two of my recently published pieces (one in EPW and the other in SAMAJ). The first is adapted from my dissertation and is about the evolution of Hindustani classical music in Pakistan post 1947. The second is a review of Fawzia Afzal-Khan’s “Siren Songs”.

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