Music Lover’s Announcement


This is a slightly unexpected against the flow bit of cross-promotion. But if you enjoy the music and write ups on this blog you may be interested in checking out my other blog, Electric Sardine.  

The blog is dedicated to music lovers and it is where I post music of all types from every part of the world EXCEPT South Asia (India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan).

If some of you are long time followers of Harmonium Music you may remember my original blog Washerman’s Dog which is no more.  But Electric Sardine is the successor to Washerman’s Dog.

So if you enjoy world music, jazz, country, folks, roots, R&B, soul, African, Japanese, Polish and any other sort of music (barring most forms of metal and industrial!) come on over and follow the fun and enjoy the tunes at Electric Sardine.

And since you’re here, I just want to say thank you for all those of you have followed and continue to follow Harmonium. I appreciate your patronage and comments.

Here endeth the transmission.

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