Two in One: Suraiya


Filmstars, as everyone knows, command the adulation of vast numbers of fans. Film singers have an equally worshipful following. But what happens if you have a filmstar and as singer rolled into one? Especially, if the two-in-one rarity comes in the form of a wowful, big big eyed woman with a voice that does things to your heart?

Suraiya was such a phenomenon. She still is—the same melting eyes and delicate shapeliness, the same languorous silky voice. This makes her decision to withdraw from the films all the more enigmatic and regretful to her countless fans.

She is still so svelte and sprightly that it is difficult to believe she had already acted and sung in over a hundred films before she called it a day a couple of years ago. But then, she came to the films as Baby Suraiya, so that she had attained that tally at an a age at which most others begin their careers. This explains why those who surmise her age on the basis of the length of her career are bound to be astounded by her youth.

An unrivalled topper throughout her sojourn in the films, Suraiya was the favorite singer of all the reigning music directors, the great masters who have since become legendary names, and the chosen heroine of all leading men of the day. She has emoted a vastly varied range of moods both through histrionics and singing with equal grace and success. Here memorable castings with that fabulous artiste, the late K.L. Saigal, was the most natural thing that people expected to happen.

And yet, this unassuming and coy lady remains surprisingly modest. “I never considered myself a great artiste—certainly not a good singer. With no training in music at all I sang because in those days it was the vogue for all heroines to sing their own songs. I don’t know why people liked my voice.” Well, we don’t join issue with a lady and so would let the twelve songs featured on this disc speak for themselves. (Liner Notes)

With this brilliant, pithy and snappy piece of copy, some unknown writer summed up the brilliance of Suraiya.

The third album from the Balkar Bains Collection of old vinyl that has come my way in recent days. Another cracker!

Everything is wonderful

suraiya front

suraiya back

Track Listing:

01 Murliwale Murli Baja [Dillagi]

02 Bigadi Bananewale Woh Pass Rahe [Bari Bahen]

03 Woh Pass Rahe [Bari Bahen]

04 Nain Diwane [Afsar]

05 Jab Tum hi Nahi [Parvana]

06 O Dur Jane Wale [Pyar ki Geet]

07 Man Mor Hua Matwala [Afsar]

08 Ho Likhne Wale Ne [Bari Bahen]

09 Tere Nainon [Pyar ki Jeet]

10 Nirala Mohabbat ka [Dillagi]

11 Dharakte Dil ki Tamanna [Shama]

12 Mere Mundere na Bol [Parvana]


3 thoughts on “Two in One: Suraiya

  1. Wow what a coincidence Nate, I just got the CDrip OST of her a few days ago, Kamal Ke Phool 1950, she starred in this film with her co stars-

    Amarnath,Raj Mehra, Badri Prasad, Leela Mishra, Jeevan, Niranajan Sharma, Shakuntala Paranjpye
    and has 3 songs sung by her, fab songs-

    Koi Dil Mein Samaya Chupke Chupke
    Bananewala Bana Hi Dega and
    Sazaa Mili Hai Yeh Kisi Se
    There are 2 others by the other great Shamshad Begum and last one by Talat Saheb.
    This Vinyl shared you most welcome in the collection, g8 stuff and thanks a load, cheers 🙂

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