From the Archives: Sohail Rana


In my research for my upcoming book on Lollywood I have been reading about the iconic star of the silver screen, Waheed Murad, who won hearts all across Pakistan for his good looks and fine acting in the 1970s.   Some of this most famous and best loved films were collaborative affairs (which film isn’t?) with two other very close friends, Pervez Malik (director) and Sohail Rana (music director).  According to the latter, the three did not simply ‘influence’ one another, ‘we were One’.

Tonight we dip again into the archives (apologies if this is getting old but there is some good new stuff coming soon I promise!) to one of the unsung jewels of South Asian pop music, composed by Mr. Sohail Rana himself.

Tonight’s post shines the pop spot light on a strange little gem from that ever confounding country Pakistan. A concept album about a train and its journey across the countryside. An album with no vocals. An album of popular music with no links at all to film studios, stars or songs. An album that is chock full of short little musically diverse snippets that against all expectation actually hold together to create an atmosphere. Not exactly the same atmosphere I remember from my trips on Pakistan Railways but a musical atmosphere that is quite unlike anything else I’ve come across in my search for the quieter lagoons of South Asian pop. [Original full post and goodies]

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