From the archives: Talat Mehmood

Ghazals from the Films

Here is a great album with a spectacular cover of the silky voiced doyen of Bollywood playback singers, Lucknow’s one and only Talat Mehmoo. This was posted several years ago but it will be worth reposting yet again in the future!


Talat Mehmood was never as prolific as Kishore Kumar or as vocally versatile as Mohammad Rafi but no one could sing a ghazal like the Man with the Golden Voice.

It was through his song Badal Jaye Duniya (Even If the World Changes) that I first fell for his gentle, mellow voice. No mad howls of ‘Yahooooo!’ ever came from Talat and he never made a disco or jazzy number as his peers Rafi and Kishore Kumar regularly did.  Talat Mehmood’s music exuded the sharafat (nobility) of refined north Indian Muslim culture. He sang with elegance and grace and remained throughout his career content to explore the depths of the ghazal rather than try to cover every musical base. As such he was adored by millions and remembered fondly as the King of Ghazals. [full post and goods]

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