Be Inspired: Amir Khusrau Collection



Khusro was born in 1253 A.D. in Patiyala, India, His paternal ancestors belonged to the nomadic tribe of Hazaras from Transoxiana, who crossed the river Indus and migrated to India in the thirteenth century. Khusro’s father served the Sultan of Delhi, Shamsuddin Il-tutmish, in a high position, and Amir Khusro was educated in theology, Persian and the Quran. From his mother who was of Hindustani origin and from his maternal grandfather he acquired both, an intimacy with the local languages as well as a rooting in the immediate cultural ambience. When his father died when Khusro was only eight he came under the care of his maternal grandfather.

Amir Khusro was writing poetry from a tender age. His genius thrived and sustained itself with the support of his industrious temperament and, indeed the fortune of getting generous patrons in nobles, princes and kings. He emerged as one of the most original poets of India, innovating new metaphors and similes. To him the sun, for instance, would be the galloping deer, streams of fire, darts in the sky, washing agent for water and earth, and so on.

With his second collection of verses, Wast-ul-Hayat, Amir Khusro’s name spread from house to house, wide and far and he came to be known in Persia as well. The famous poet of Persia, Sa’di sent him compliments. (


This is an all Pakistani-All Star revue of the music of Amir Khusrau. Strong and inspiring throughout, it is hard to sniff at the artists or their performances! I hope you enjoy this. There are a number of similar collections available (and a few have been posted in years past on this blog!) but I never get tired of the interpretations of this great South Asian musical genius.



Track Listing:

01 Zehaale Miskeen Makun Taghaful (Sabri Brothers)

02 Chaap Tilak Sab Cheeni (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

03 Mann Kunto Maula (Sabri Brothers)

04 Chashm-E-Muste Ajab Ay (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

05 Farsuda Japara Zeh Hizra (Nusat Fateh Ali Khan)

06 Eid – Gahay Mahay Gareeba (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

07 Banri Re Ajab Shahana (Kajjan Begum)

08 Shah Mera Biyahan Aaya (Kajjan Begum)

09 Barkha Laagi Mori (Kajjan Begum)

10 Mori Choodiyan Kurki Jaani (Kajjan Begum)

11 Amma Mere Bawa Ko (Kajjan Begum)

12 Sajan Ye Mat Jaaniyo (Kajjan Begum and Mehnaz)

13 Kagwa Too Urr Gaiyo (Mehnaz)

14 Goondho Ri Maalan (Mehnaz)

15 Hare Hare Baans (Mehnaz)

16 Chali Re Naee Nar (Mehnaz)

17 Sakhi Ri Morey Nain (Mehnaz)

18 Kal Nahin Aao (Kajjan Begum)

19 Ghir Aayi Saawan Ki Badariya (Kajjan Begum)

20 Main Sooye Gayee Goyyan (Kajjan Begum)

21 Goondho Ri Malan (Kajjan Begum and Mehnaz)


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