Queen of Afghan Radio: Qamar Gul

Qamar Gul

Qamar Gul

Qamar Gul, also known as Mermon Qamar Gula, is a Pashto-language singer from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province in the east. Somewhat of a prodigy she sang publicly at the age of 7 and is considered a pioneer for women artists in Afghanistan. Throughout the 70s and 80s she sang on Afghan TV and radio but like so many of her compatriots, as the country became the playground of avaricious plunderers and ‘liberators’, she fled the country and is now settled in Canada. Her performances are now mostly held in Europe and America and seen on VCDs and the internet.

This collection of songs, recorded, I assume, across her career came to me via a burly Afghan who was helping people whose lives had been shattered by Typhoon Haiyan in late 2013. I had never heard of Qamar Gul before and am so glad that her path has crossed mine. It is always a privilege to hear female singers from that part of the world.

As usual with Afghan digital files passed from hand to hand these are a bit rough in terms of sound quality but if you appreciate music from the byways of this world, you’ll enjoy this collection I’m sure.

shattered beauty

Track Listing:

arzo me zre ke pa salgo shwa

aw raghai bahar raghai

aw sok che rishwat khor wi

bus ka deedan bus ka – qamar gula

che me meena khodai pa ta bande paida kra

Da mangoti sara ba ze

der rabande gran ye

goongai shwe wale ne waye haloona

ma ke yari mekonom (dari)

neema pakha yum

raza che yawa jora ko jungara


te mazdigar rasha

ugora te maa ta sta nazar ke singa khkaram

wa malanga yara

ze che pa toro stargo tor ranje

ze da shinki baba ziarat ta

Ze speena kawtara yum


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