Never Get Enough: A. R. Rahman


If I had to pick only 20 CDs to take with me into space or to a desert island in the Pacific, I would include one of A.R. Rahman’s Tamil cinema music discs. The one I’m thinking of was purloined from a friend’s house in Kerala almost a decade back. It shot instantly into a handful of discs that gets very regular and frequent rotation in my library and on the whole so much better than his non-Tamil cinema music.

Last year, soon after arriving in Kuala Lumpur where there is a huge Tamil-Malaysian community, I found the disc we highlight tonight in a music shop in Little India.   I can tell you little (nothing, in fact) of these films or think of anything new to tell you about Mr. A.R. Rahman, the greatest Indian composer of the current age.   Here is the link to the write up of that album, I did years ago on the earlier version of this blog.

This particular collection has not yet sunk as deep into my bones as that earlier one but it is very definitely high quality stuff. Sophisticated, high quality, intricately conceived and joyously delivered music that makes you believe you just might have a chance in Tamil movies!

A Decade of A. R. Rahman

Track Listing:

01 Kurukku Sivanthavale (Mudhalvan)

02 Engey en Punnagai (Taalam)

03 Chandrinai (Ratchagan)

04 Kadhalenum (Kadalar Dhinam)

05 Anbe Anbe (Kadhal Desam)

06 Nenjinile (Uyire)

07 Puthu Villai (Roja)

08 Chotta (Taj Mahal)

09 Kadhal Kaditham (Jodi)

10 Echi Elumichi (Taj Mahal)

11 Kadhal Yogi (Taalam)

12 Azhgana Ratchasiye (Mudhalvan)


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