Guru from Gadag: Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

Bhimsen Joshi

Bhimsen Joshi


I apologize for the very long break in postings here at Harmonium but all the usual excuses do apply. I’ve been extremely pressed for time with many professional visitors not to mention friends dropping by in Kuala Lumpur. Thus most of my evenings are taken connecting with old memories or plotting new professional paths.

On top of that I’ve been travelling again with lots of time zones, inconsistent internet connections and jet lag keeping me away from posting any music. I apologize but I think tonight’s selection will go some way towards making amends.

The wonderful late great Pandit Bhimsen Joshi renders the raga Marubihag, which I am led to understand is a fairly recent creation but based on the much older and difficult raga bihaag. I have been listening to this eloquent piece of artistry over the past few days and find it soothes and relaxes me in a very immediate and fundamental way.

Panditji also gives us two other shorter numbers, one a thumri and the other an (almost) upbeat bhajan. All three are extremely melodious pieces and his silken voice presents each one as if it were a freshly cut gem.



Track Listing:

01 Raag Marubihag – Vilambit Khayal In Ektaal – Rasiya Ao Na_Drut Khayal In Teental – Tadapat Raina Dina (Medley) (Live)

02 Thumri – Soch Samajho Nadan (Live)

03 Bhajan – Jo Bhaje Hari Ko Sada (Live)


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