Sunny Days: Sunny Jain

Sunny Jain

Sunny Jain

Sunny Jain is a jazz drummer and one of an increasingly large muthi-ful of South Asian expatriates in the forefront of American jazz. What I like about his music and approach is that he has tapped into a vein of Indian music that doesn’t normally get much attention in the jazz world: folk music.

Collaboration and inspiration aplenty have arisen out of western jazz musicians’ attraction to the Hindustani/Carnatic classical tradition but few have explored the deep folk roots of India and indeed, Hindustani classical music itself.

Jain has in his recent work put that most ubiquitous and ungainly of folk instruments, the dhol, at the center of his art and as a result made jazz quite a bit more interesting and listenable.   Under the banner of Red Baraat and Junoon Sunny Jain and his crew pay open hearted homage to the Indian wedding band and sounds of the local mela.

Having said that, the collection we share today is a straight-ahead modern jazz album. Still exciting especially cuts like Sialkot and Awara Hoon and Wo Xiang Ni.


Track Listing:

01 Sialkot

02 Avaaz

03 Pink City

04 Johnnie Black

05 Meri Bhavana

06 Awaara Hoon

07 Wo Xiang Ni

08 Baraat

09 Lazaro


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