Music for Ramadan: Mohammad Aziz


There is a little shop in the Nadi International Airport (Fiji) where I have been buying CDs for more than a decade. Given that CD shops are almost impossible to find at airports any longer, this concern is a trove of Fiji Indian bhajans, lok geet, filmi and classical music.  At rock bottom prices to boot.

The young girls in the shop never recognize me and always whisper to each other in delight when I hand over the CD I want to buy. You can tell they think I’m a nutter. ‘Why do you want this?’ they want to say, but silently accept my coins.

Tonight’s selection caught my eye immediately because I have a thing for calendar art, especially posters with chubby babies! And as you  can see, the cover of this great little disc is in itself worthy of the few dollars I had to dish out.  The other thing that caught my eye was the title, Ramzaan ka mahina (The Month of Ramzaan).

Ramzaan is the south Asian way of saying ramadan, the month of the year when all devout Muslims fast from first light to the setting of the sun.  We are now near the end of that month. When the new moon is sighted on the 28th of this month (give or take a few hours depending on the acuteness of the vision of the local mullahs) a week or so of lively happy and free spending and eating festival will commence. Muslims all over the world will feast, sing, laugh, visit relatives and friends, give and receive gifts and wear new clothes. The equivalent of the Christmas season will have begun.

Today’s selection is, in effect, the equivalent of Muslim Christmas music. Several songs, performed in a sort of modern qawwali-lite style, provides encouragement (carrot) and scriptural warning (stick) for followers of Allah to get them through this most auspicious 28 days of the year.

So though slightly belated, to all the Muslim followers and listeners of this blog, we wish you Ramzaan Mubarak! And all the best for the coming year!

mohd aziz

Track Listing:

01 Waqt-e-sheari hua Rozadaro Utho

02 Ye Farmate hain Tajdaar-e-Madina

03 Saaf Likkha Hua Hai Ye Quran Mein

04 Aftaar ki Dawat ka is Tarah Mazaa

05 Momino Aamade Ramzaan Mubarak Tumko

06 Dekhiye Rozdaro Ke Chehre

07 Maahe Ramzaan Aaya Musalmaan

08 Rasool-e-Khuda ka ye Farmaan Hai


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