Bangla music: Subir Nondy


Yes, I cannot speak (or read) Bengali. Yet the music of Bangladesh is special. The Bengal Foundation, dedicated to preserving and promoting the culture and arts of Bangladesh has issued many CDs over the years, including, in 2010 this one.

Subir Nondy

Subir Nondy

I know little about the artist Subir Nondy. Perhaps someone could enlighten me?

Subir Nondi


Subir Nondi_0001

Track Listing.

01 Jibon Bhuji Erokomi

02 Manushito Bhuler

03 Chilo Koto Asha Buke

04 Kede Phire Mone

05 Ami Rater Shishir

06 Tumi Onek Bhaloi

07 Bhalobashar Tori

08 Aj Fagunrate

09 Amar Ekdike

10 Amar Shesh Kothar

11 Din Kete Jai

12 Ki Je Baetha Baje


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