Celebrations of a Milestone: Qawwali


The first instalment of South Asian music as part of the celebration of 100 posts on the Harmonium Music Blog (and 700+ at the Washerman’s Dog) is a collection of qawwali. This genre of spiritual music needs no further elucidation for followers of this blog; but for new comers who wonder what this weird sounding word means, click here.

I must thank the young qawwali connoisseur Musab Bin Noor of Pakistan for turning me on to so many fantastic qawwals from outside the mainstream of Western consciousness, a couple of which I have included in this collection.

Here you will find qawwali of many styles from both Pakistan and India by qawwals both famous (Aziz Mian and Wadali Brothers) as well as somewhat obscure (Raza Khan and Kurban Farid Shahi Qawwal).  Some are in Punjabi but most in Urdu. Most performers are Muslims, a couple are Hindu and one is even a Pentecostal Christian!

It matters little what the outside looks like when it comes to qawwali, for this pure music of the human soul.



Track Listing:

01 Ghoonghat Chak Ve Sajna [Wadali Brothers]

02 Yeh Pyam De Gahe Hai [Mashooq Ali Khan]

03 Avo Sayo Rul Davo Vadhai [Bakshi Salamat Qawwal]

04 Teri Soorat, Main Sharabi and Must Qalandar [Aziz Mian]

05 Zamana Bolta Hai [Aslam Akram Sabri]

06 Tere Bin Na Jiva Maharaj [Shaukat Ali]

07 Hai Yehi Meri Namaz [Agha Bashir Farid Qawwal]

09 Bhai Murad aur Tajo Bahen [Abdur Rab Chaus]

09 Jise Chaha Dar Pe [Kurban Farid Shahi Qawwal and Group]

10  Jede Vi Darte [Raza Khan]



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