Strong Connection: MIDIval Punditz


Hello Hello!

A bit of slippery glassy shimmering electronica from Delhi’s great duo MIDIval Punditz.


MIDIval Punditz

MIDIval Punditz

I simply love this record. But I’m feeling very under the weather and don’t have the oomph to say something clever about it.  So click here if you’d like to learn more.



Hello Hello

Track Listing:

01 Electric Universe

02 Tonic

03 Atomizer

04 Four Sticks

05 Naina Laagey

06 Drifting

07 Desolate

08 Sun Mere Sanam

09 Har Ek Baat

10 The Lucky One

11 Electric Universe (Acoustic)


2 thoughts on “Strong Connection: MIDIval Punditz

  1. Great fun! I was intrigued by YouTube videos you posted elsewhere recently. Their take on “Four Sticks” is a gas.

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