In Both Worlds: Farida Khanum

Farida Khanum

Farida Khanum

I knew she was nervous about the trip—the distance, the many flights, the high standards of Bengalis—and to distract her I removed the lid of my harmonium and held down the Sa, Ga and Pa of Bhairavi. I was chhero-ing the thumri ‘Baju band khul khul jaye.’ (full article)


The above link is to a wonderful article about a late-career mehfil in Calcutta of the supreme Farida Khanum.  To assist your enjoyment of the article herewith is another collection of ghazals sung by the Nightingale of Pakistan.

Music Pakistan - Ghazals (Vol. 2)

Track Listing:

01 Go Zara Si Baat

02 Mastoon Pe Ungliyan

03 Haal Aisa Nahin Ke Tum

04 Tumhari Anjuman Se Uth Kay

05 Raah Dekhen Ge Na

06 Woh Kabhi Mil Jaen

07 Ne Rawa Kehiye

08 Jane Kis Ki Thi Khata

09 Donon Jehan Teri Mohabbat

10 Zahir Mein Hum Farefta

11 Gazab Kia Teray Waaday

12 Hum Per Jafa Say


5 thoughts on “In Both Worlds: Farida Khanum

  1. Plz do add back cover of all such 57 CDs because back cover has all the info regarding Lyricist / Poet and Composer / Music Director. I’ll suggest you make another website for these 57 Cds. This is definitely a huge task but this will be life-saver for these CDs.

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