Filmi Naghme: Mehdi Hassan





















Darkness is come.

Lights flicker along the highway and from the skyline.

My body is numb; tired of the long slog.

My soul is flat. But Mehdi, singing old film songs lifts my spirits.

Without undue tardiness, neither without too swift haste,

We commend to you the zauq and sharifana of some older

Sounds of Lahore film studios

Artist. Mehdi Hassan.

Mazaa luto!

 Legends_ Urdu Films Vol. 1

Track listing:

01 Kissa-e-gham Main

03 Yeh Kaghaz-e-Phool

04 Jab Koi Pyar Se

05 Jab Bhi Chahai

06 Main Jo Shayr Kabhi

07 Aaj Tak Yaad Hai Woh

08 Tume Mubarak Naee

09 Bahut Yaad Aayenge

10 Yeh Wafa ka Diya

11 Cheer Na Hum

12 Hume koi Gham

14 Kaise Kasie Log

15 Tanha Thi Aur Tamasha

16 Mere Dil Ka Taar

17 Dil Diya Dard Liya

18 Aa Roshenon Ke


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