From the Archives: Mohammad Sharif Poonchwaley and Mohammad Sadiq Mando

A third instalment from the archives. This is from March 2011 and features two of Pakistan’s great classical musicians._47687228_p1010495

Funny how we become entangled in much larger webs.

In September 1986 I  arrived in Lahore, Pakistan for a year of intensive Urdu language study.  As an eager recently graduated university student I made a point of meeting as many people who could introduce to me to that mythical beast the ‘real’ Pakistan.  How the connection was made I don’t recall but I do remember that I spent several days hanging out at the home of one Raza Kazim a left-leaning lawyer who had recently been released from jail. He had written a book of his experiences which included solitary confinement and torture.  He gifted me a copy which I used over the year as a text for my slowly improving Urdu.  (go to original post with links)

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