By Request: Anup Jalota


Farmaish is the Urdu word for ‘request’.  It is also the title of this night’s post, which is a farmaish (request) from a regular reader of this humble blog. It is the second volume of an Anup Jalota ghazal concert from the 1980s.  You can get the first volume here.  Again, Jalota sahib delights his audience with wonderful poetry, great accompanists and some stellar singing. My personal favorite of this selection is the opening track, Woh Anjuman Mein Raat, in which he displays some amazing vocal agility and control.  I for one miss his ghazal singing. His bhajans are also good but in my mind, there is no one who could sing a popular ghazal  with as much aplomb as Anup Jalota.



Track Listing:

01 Woh Anjuman Mein Raat

02 Mere Sathi Sath Sada

03 Dil Ki Baat Woh Kya Jane

04 Un Labon Ki Yaad Aayi

05 Nahin Hai Yeh

06 Dard- E- Mohabbat


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