Exhilaration: Musafir



Long time fans of this blog (as well as the old version of Washerman’s Dog) will recall that in November 2012 I had the privilege of facilitating the performance of Bachu Khan at a major international music expo here in Melbourne.  During the course of the several days that we hung out together I discovered that Bachu had spent some time in the iconic Rajasthani music group, Musafir.


Musafir, was in the late 90s and early part of the new millennium, a globe-trotting collective of gypsy musicians from western India led by Barkat and Hameed Khan, both of whom were Bachu’s elder relatives.  By travelling the world and performing with other international artists, he developed not only a love of travel but a sophisticated understanding of how the traditional music of Rajasthan could be blended with other styles.


Sadly, as happens all too often, ‘management’ issues led to the demise of Musafir and their exciting, exhilarating brand of Indian folk music.  But thankfully, as happens not often enough, Bachu Khan’s international career has been revived and we are hoping to welcome him back to Australia later this year.


In the meantime, we share Musafir’s second album from 2002 titled Barsaat. It is a killer, full of the powerful voices of Bachu and his relatives as well as enticing appearances by Natacha Atlas and a clarinet!




Track Listing:

01 Yad

02 Balamji

03 Khet

04 Pyar Ki Boond

05 Banna

06 Ali Mullah (Feat. Transglobal Underground And Natacha Atlas)

07 Karvan

08 Barish

09 Loneliness

10 Balu


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