No Lesser Genius: Nashenas



A friend of Harmonium Music contacted me recently and asked for a few old links to Nashenas’ music to be resurrected.  And as I was thinking about what to post tonight I decided that it is never too often to praise great men.



Nashenas is indeed, a man of the grandest magnitude.  A living legend of Afghanistan music, his fame among music lovers is wide, beyond the borders of his home country. He fled Afghanistan, as a refugee in the late 1980s, to Pakistan where I first heard his name.


Fame and fortune are fickle maidens, never predictable about where they will sprinkle their blessings.  And we never know why those blessings are withheld from others, equally, or even more deserving.  But I’m certain if you asked Nashenas himself he would not complain that his voice and singing is not a global sensation, like that of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, for instance.


I do not mean to detract an iota of brilliance from the King of Qawwali by suggesting a ghazal singer from war torn Afghanistan is his equal. The men swim/swam in different rivers and would have nothing but utmost respect for each other.  But the Afghan’s musical genius is perhaps less widely hailed in part because it treads more softly.  Not because it contained any less truth or beauty.


So rather than me wittering on and on, just click on the links below to learn more of the great man, Afghan music and hear some of the most wonderful music in the world.

The Wonder that Was Afghanistan

Greetings from Faizabad Bazaar

Live in Concert


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