Goa Guitar Genius: Amancio D’Silva

Amancio d'Silva

Some of best jazz I’ve heard ever comes out the soul and guitar of an unlikely Goan boy from Mumbai.   I first heard of him through the tremendously jaw-dropping work of music-researcher Naresh Fernandes who on his Taj Mahal Foxtrot website has traced the completely improbable story of India’s love affair with jazz and vice versa.

Rather than try to retell the story of Goa’s Guitar Genius who went to a Better Land underappreciated but like so many others is connecting with an adoring audience after his death, I’ll direct you to Naresh’s wonderful piece. (here)

Given that Amancio’s soulful, exultant music is hard to find and split across the internet and rare collector’s LPs (some of which fetch close to $1000) I’ve put together some really beautiful tracks in an album I’ve called Goa Guitar Genius.

Celebrate one of India’s great sons! Listen to this over and over and over. I sure do.

goa guitar genius

Track Listing:

01 Cry Free

02 Stephano’s Dance


04 Joyce Country

05 A Street in Bombay

06 Hum Dono

07 Ganges

08 Jaipur

09 Ballad for Goa

10 Eastern Dawn


The link has been de-activated at the request of Amancio’s family. You can enjoy his music on You Tube and other internet sites.

2 thoughts on “Goa Guitar Genius: Amancio D’Silva

  1. Actually 5 of the 10 tracks you’ve included are available on CD re-issues.
    I dig your passion for the music, but I don’t really love seeing my late father’s music being made available for free download. Naresh I am sure would have given you my contacts, if you’d only asked. I manage my father’s recordings, re-issues via labels etc. I appreciate you’re not profiting from it. All the same, maybe you could direct people to the tracks on youtube and elsewhere rather than provide downloads…it seems you are offering such?
    Be glad to have your thoughts on this. I hope we can reach a solution together that is fair for all.

    • Hi Stephano, Thanks for your email and without any further adieu I have deactivated the link from your father’s music. I apologize for the hassle you’d had to have to chase me down. As you note, my intention is simply to share the wonderful diversity of South Asian music. I’ll write to you directly with more thoughts. Again, apologies,no harm intended. Nate

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