Tere Ishq Nachaya: Deep Soul from the Indus Valley (vol. 2)

tere ishq nachaya

Tere Ishq Nachaya: Deep Soul from the Indus Valley (Volume 2) is another zabardast collection of spiritual love songs from Pakistan.

Dirt, dust and water are the elements that give rise to a people’s music.  True folk music, the original music, has always been sung when the earth’s grit sits on the tongue. With dry lips and parched throats.  And not just any dust and water but the elements of places of holy, familial and personal significance.  Places that we call home.

The country we now call Pakistan has been traversed, settled and cultivated from millennia.  Its rich soil and many rivers are birth to a culture that has been Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Muslim and Sikh by turns, and often at the same time.  Pakistan is arguably that part of the culturally rich Indian sub-continent that has the most fertile folk music culture.   Folk music is not a cultural artefact but a living and flowing source of inspiration. Singers and itinerant musicians wander from fair (mela) to fair and shrine to shrine, where they entertain rural and urban audiences by playing simple instruments made of gourds, camel gut and clunky iron.  Their lyrics are built upon love stories and mystic poetry so old and organic they seem to have been around since the creation of the world.

The listeners, devout or not, know these stories which speak mainly of Love, both earthly and divine. In fact, it is almost always both at the same time, for who is your beloved but God himself?  The tales have been retold a thousand times a thousand times and yet are fresh and urgent. Their beauty, tragedy and ecstasy are as brilliantly experienced in the 21st century as they were in the 15th.

Music came to Pakistan with Islam.  Poets, preachers and mystics met the Hindu people with ideas that drew upon those they found in place. Shrines were set up near Hindu temples or sacred sites and in an atmosphere not too dissimilar to what can be experienced at country fairs even today, music and dancing spread the message of Love, Unity and Brotherhood.  The people of Sindh in particular have been brought up in a cultural atmosphere where saints, shrines, mythologies and rites are a common property, revered by Hindu and Muslim equally.

This is the music and spirit that is captured in this collection.  The songs are largely kalam (poems) of the Sufis but draw inspiration from folk tales and the natural world as well.  They are full of images rural audiences would fully understand. Like the Delta blues, this music reflects the deep soul of a people.

Some of the artists in Volume 2 are familiar and hugely popular not just in Pakistan but India and indeed, across the World.  A pre-teen Abida Parveen sings a kalam with Waheed Ali Khan a Sindhi favourite.  One of the most expressive vernacular voices ever to sing in Punjabi, Mohammad Tufail Niazi’s rendering of Sada Chiriyan da Chamba is likely to bring tears to your eyes. Shafqat Ali Khan’s Kis Tarah Aaeyga Qarar, is a ghazal in the kind of contemporary mode his millions of fans around the world have come to expect, classy and professional. And the Bengali nightingale Tina Sani turns in a stunning performance on a recent tour of Pakistan, her once-upon-a-time home.

But you’ll also find here unknown qawwals, and singers, known only to those within their community.  The elderly Balochi singer Jiji Zarina sings a Sindhi kalam and of course, the doyen of Sindhi classical singing Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan, is present with a classical sufi song Weendas Yar Mari.

It has been a great pleasure putting together this collection, which I hope you’ll enjoy and use to explore more of this deep soul music.

Deep soul v 2

Track Listing:

01 Jagga [Jutt Brothers]

02 Sada Chiryan da Chamba [Mohammad Tufail Niazi]

03 Sufi Kalam [Waheed Ali Khan and Abida Parveen]

04 Weendas Yar Mari [Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan]

05 Kis Tarah Aaeyga Qarar [Shafqat Ali Khan]

06 O Te Kade Na Dubde Ne [Unknown]

07 Mai ni main kinu akhan [Sain Zahoor]

08 Nawai Ney [Tina Sani]

09 Okhay Panday [Sain Zahoor]

10 Rehman Baba Kalam [Imran]

11 Hay O Rabba Nai Laghda Dil Mera [Reshma]

12 Aik Alif [Noori and Sain Zahoor]

13 Naam Balach Tai ushkay Naam e Bibi [Mir Ahmad Baloch]

14 Mu Khe wani wiye [Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan]

15 Jeay Latif [Waheed Ali Khan]

16 Shaikh Ayaz Kalam [Jiji Zarina Baloch]

17 Alif Allah Chambe Di Butee {Allah Hoo} [Sain Khawar]

18 Rabba Mere Haal Da Mehram {Shah Hussain} [Hamid Ali Bela]


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