Our Partnership with De Kulture Music

We are really proud and excited about our partnership with De Kulture Music, one of the most brilliant things to come out of the Indian music industry in the past many years.

The folks at De Kulture are part of the new Indian folk music movement that seeks to preserve, promote, revive and celebrate the intricate and glorious musical traditions of India.  Based in Jaipur, De Kulture is committed to recording and documenting and creating opportunities for folk and traditional musicians from all across the country.

Their commitment to quality is absolutely top notch as is their aesthetic vision. Their CDs are lovingly and beautifully produced artefacts that give the listener more than just an aural experience.  The music they champion is unadulterated. IT is not ‘world’ music in that it does not blend or mix Western sounds or stylings. It is raw, authentic music, exactly the way it sounds and is played by traditional musicians in Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

De Kulture promotes many of their artists into festivals in the West and Harmonium is their partner in Australia and New Zealand. Our initial musical offerings are largely comprised of De Kulture’s amazing and brilliant recordings. Check them out in our Bazar.

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